Monday, July 19, 2010

Stone Work In Silver City

Since we are in Silver City, N. M. for a good part 
of this summer I want to continue with some
 of the building techniques that I see around town.

There seems to be a long tradition of owner building in this area.

I have long admired the stone work on and around this house
 and I finally decided to get some photos.

Is this folk art, folk craft, street art,
or something else? 

As luck would have it the maestro was home the day I went by
 and his niece invited me in to take a closer look.

It is great when people like to show off their creations.
This fine fellow is a proud person, as well he should be.

The style is inventive and some of the materials reused.

The owner collected all the stone.

Capping the wall is cement mortar formed with egg cartons.

Perched on the top are a rooster and 2 hens.

What is it that compels a person to break free 
of the mass produced world we live in,
and to create something that is so unique?

Long after the owner has departed
 his work will be loved and appreciated.

And he works with wood also. 
I would have never thought of this.