Monday, July 2, 2012

Update On A Japanese Style Shed

One of the more popular posts in this blog has been 
and we were recently given a tour by the current owners of the property,
and got to see the many improvements they have added.

The gardens have been lovingly tended and greatly expanded upon
as one approaches the east facing door.

And the 12' x 12' "shed" has been converted to a Jin Shin Studio...

...with only the addition of electricity for light and a small heater.

A pond and flagstone patio accentuates the north side of the shed
 and provides a focal point for the whole backyard.

And finally the parking area side on the south and west.

I designed the shed to be 12' x 12' to avoid getting a building permit.

It is quite gratifying to see one's work expanded upon and enhanced.

When we build I think it is important to provide for future evolution 
and not think of buildings as stuck in time.