Monday, July 9, 2012

Helmut Hillencamp's Metal Gate In Santa Fe, N.M.

For many years we lived across the street from the Fayette Street Academy
where interesting things were always going on.

One of those things was the evolving metal gate 

Helmut first started with the gate in the form of a tree...

...and each year would add leaves, birds, a snake, and more,
sometimes with the help of the kids at the school... teach them some of the finer points of not just metal work 
but also of the creative  process.

There must be a story behind the snake and apple (above)?

Besides the new leaves the lizard is another new addition.

It will be fun to watch this grow as the years go on,
just like the kids who go to school here.

The leaves, which were just added, still are shiny 
as they wait for a rain to start the rusting process.

I will try to keep you updated as the gate evolves over the years.

Another nice looking gate at the school.

Although Helmut did not build this gate 
I believe he did the circle to hold the bell.

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