Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Home And Art Of Maria Eggleston In Mulege, B.C.S., Part 3

In this third post on the home and art of Maria Eggleston 
let's start with how she lays out her work.

The piece above is a bit smaller and has a frame of seashells.

Above she sorts, cuts, and lays out her designs in reverse on contact paper.

In the previous post we started to look at some of her technique.

Outside under the porch she works on a smaller table 
on this fish.

Under the portal is this round table.

Let's switch gears a bit and take a look at her bathroom,
 which is in a small out building reached by walking past this eye catching bird tree
 next to one of her garden beds.

The kitty was more than happy to show us the way.

The bath had one of the few uses of ceramic tile in her work.

But over in the corner are the more familiar seashells.

In the next and last post of Maria's work 
we will go out to the cactus gardens.

The complete series on Maria's work is: