Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Home And Art of Maria Eggleston In Mulege, B.C.S., Part 2

Let's continue with our look at the art of Maria Eggleston 
using cut glass, seashells, and other found objects set in a cement base.

The detail above is from a piece that is shown near the bottom below.

These pieces are generally vertical in orientation
 and are made to be set in a wall,
among other applications.

Most of the image is from small pieces of cut glass 
painstakingly set in cement...

...creating amazing detail.

Above is one of the few in a horizontal format.

The image is first set in reverse on a clear contact paper...

...and then carefully placed on the bottom of a wooden concrete form.

Above and below is one piece that I was unable to get in one photo.

The photo below is a detail from the photo above...

...and the same piece as the first photo in this post.

The cement is reinforced with rebar and wire,
 and poured to a depth of about 2 1/2 to 3".

After the piece is taken out of the form,
 cement is carefully cleaned from the finished surface
and then grout is applied
 and the exposed cement edges are sanded and polished.

One finished panel takes about 6 months of work.

Next post we will look at more of Maria's technique, 
and finally we will see the garden.

The complete series on Maria's work is:

To see more photos on a German art web site go to:


  1. I recently spent 2 weeks in Posada Concepcion with my brother-in-law and through mutual friends we were able to visit with Maria. Not only was I totally blown away by her mosaic art work, her cactus gardens are works of art in themselves. I look forward to your next posting.

    Judy Holloway

  2. I have enjoyed poking around on your blog. I found it while searching on Pinterest under "Baja California" simply because I love all things Baja. There are many posts I relate to, as I have been to Eureka Springs and Salvation Mountain as well as Baja. I grew up in a home made with adobe bricks hand made and sun dried on our property in San Diego (which is now part of a resort). I am wondering if it is possible to get in touch with this mosaic artist. We drive to Mulege every year and I would love to meet her and see her work. She does not have any of her work in the shops in town. We have a home (boring cement block...but good with hurricanes ;-) in Coyote Bay, not far south of Posada Concepcion, where the previous commenter stayed. Please feel free to give her my email address, or let me know if she has a website or contact information she makes readily available. Her work is exquisite. Thank you, and I love your blog!