Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Home And Art Of Maria Eggleston In Mulege, B.C.S., Part 4

In this last post on the home and art of the mosaic artist,
Maria Eggleston of Mulege, Baja California Sur,
let's look at her wonderful cactus gardens.

Having been a cactus gardener myself,
 I was immediately drawn to how she mixes her art to her gardens.

The above 3 photos show one of her glass "bird tree" mosaics 
overlooking a cactus and succulent bed next to her portal,
where all will see it.

And she uses her trademark glass and seashell combo along the border.

In the above photo almost hidden from sight in the far upper right corner
is a shrimp trawler close to shore in the Sea of Cortez.

Further out in her spacious courtyard is the above cactus bed,
again with her distinctive mosaic borders.

And again birds of the area provide the subject.

I am always interested in how artists use their talents
 to enhance their own homes and gardens.

The Baja is all about cactus, of which she displays many of the natives,...

...but it also provides perfect conditions for growing non-native cactus.

From the birds and fish that she uses in her mosaics to the garden,
 Maria has chronicled much of the natural world of the Baja.

The whole series on Maria's work is:
The Home And Art Of Maria Eggleston In Mulege, B.C.S., Part 3.

To see more photos on a German art web site go to:
Kunst Creative Arte Gallery.

Next week I will start a series on San Ignacio, Baja California Sur.