Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Home And Art Of Maria Eggleston In Mulege, B.C.S., Part 1

One of the highlights to our trip to Mulege, Baja California Sur 
was to meet the artist Maria Eggleston at her home.

There is much to cover here and in the next few posts,
so let us start at the front gate
 where we immediately became aware that we were at the home of an artist.

On either side of the gate were some of her pieces
 which are mosaics of glass, sea shells, ceramic, and other found objects.

There was so much to see and talk about 
I never found out the nature of what looks like hieroglyphics
surrounded by colorful glass set in a cement base.

To the right of the gate were these two...

...and the above detail gives you an idea of the texture she is able to achieve,
in this case with using seashells.

Of course living in sight of the Sea of Cortes,
 shells and fish are prominent in her work.

These faces are painted on rocks hanging from a bougainvillea,... it to hang over the wall.

Art is everywhere.

Once inside the courtyard,
one of the more striking pieces of so many beautiful ones is this (above)
 and in the next three photos.

This is all in cut glass...

...set in a tinted green cement background.

It portrays some of the birds found in the area.

The bench above is outside her front door...

...with these two detail photos.
We will look at more of Maria's work in the next three posts.

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