Monday, September 19, 2011

Building A Brick House In Mexico

I have always been very curious about building in Mexico and 
this winter I have been trying to learn more about the various facets.

To see how the bricks are made go to the post:

 They rarely use wood because of termites and the cost of lumber.

(Please Note: This is a reworking of the post
Building Mexico from 2/23/10.)

Concrete post and beam with a brick infill is the style
 that is seen in many parts of the country.

 What I find interesting is that the brick in fill comes first
 and the posts are formed up afterwards using the brick
 to hold the forms in place.

All the mixing of mortar and concrete is done on the ground with a shovel.

The form boards are in place and the concrete has been poured.

Rebar cages are always used in the post and beams.

Once the brick infill is up about three or four feet 
the posts are formed up and filled with concrete,
and then the process starts over with more brick put up.

I really like the way they set in the window sill. 

At the right corner you can see the next section of post ready to pour.

These guys are doing nice work.

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