Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Concrete Hip Roof In San Carlos, Sonora

The last post showed how the walls were made,
 this time I want to show how the roof is formed up and poured with concrete.

This house ( different from the one in the last post ) is next to the church in 
San Carlos, Sonora.

(Please Note: This post is a reworking of 
The Formed Roof from 2/23/10.)

I like the nice trim look on the edge.

This shows the back of the house where they left off the overhang 
to allow for another room to be added. 

The house is not even finished and they are already planning an addition.

Note the rebar extending out from the section of roof 
that has already been poured.

The day we walked by they had already taken down the form boards
 for the overhang but inside they were still up.

Termites will go up walls to any wood in the roof or ceiling so everything 
is concrete.

 Looking up you can see a beautifully formed hip roof. 

Of course all the wooden form boards will be removed.

This roof will also be the ceiling, probably plastered and painted.

 On the concrete outside will most likely have clay tiles
 or another possibility could be a latex roof coating.

 Either will keep the inside cooler 
( especially the tiles ) and prevent the concrete from absorbing moisture.

Other popular roofs we have seen in Mexico include brick domes
 and vaults and ones supported by concrete rafters.

At the time we spotted the new roof we also took note of the wiring they were doing
 which looked like nice clean work. 

The conduit is plastic.

The wiring diagram was hanging on the wall inside.

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