Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glen Burnie Gardens In Winchester, Va.

Glen Burnie is a house  first built in the early 18th century next to a series of springs,
 and land from the estate was used to establish the town of Winchester, Virginia in the 1740's.

(Please Note that this is a reworking of the post:
Glen Burnie Gardens from 2/16/10.)

About 50 years ago Julian Glass,
 one of the original family's descendants took over the property 
and began to restore it with the help of his partner Lee Taylor. 

 Above is one of the original spring houses.

After his death it was donated to the City of Winchester as a garden and museum.

Lee Taylor is primarily responsible for establishing the gardens...

 ...and what a legacy to leave.

The springs here originally supplied the Town of Winchester with its water...

...and there is water and limestone everywhere.

The oriental influence must be from Lee.

Notice how the very stylized stone work on the top 2/3s 
contrasts with the looser work on the bottom

There are so many elements here to give ideas for garden design
such as bridges...

...and water features...

...and stonework.

If you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia it is well worth a visit.