Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spring St., Eureka Springs, Ark.- Buildings, Gardens, And Springs

Whenever we are driving across the country and we have enough time
 for a detour we try to stop at Eureka Springs, Arkansas
 And once there the place to be is Spring Street.

This rather long street starts out as a commercial district...

but soon transforms into a residential area with gardens and springs.
Above is the first spring you come too...

and this stone outcropping.

All along the street are gardens among the springs and the stone outcroppings.

If you have seen the last two posts on the stone houses
 of Winchester, Virginia you may note the similarities of the stone.

We are in limestone country yet again.

I think limestone lends itself to gardening in that it increases 
the alkilinity of the soil and because it is so porous it drains the soil,
 preventing root rot and plant fungus.

There are also lots of well kept older homes,
 most in a rather Victorian style.

Not to be missed is the Carnegie Public Library...

and more springs.

I'm glad he is friendly.

Walking around Spring Street I get so many design and gardening ideas...

and then throw in the art.

There are lots of places to sit and soak up the beauty.

This spring has a grotto...

in a cool dark place...

complete with shrine.

After your tour stop by for lunch at the Oasis Restaurant, 
hidden down some alley steps from the commercial strip.

Open your mind and enjoy your meal.