Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Adobe Dome Building

Our friends Bill and Barbara up in El Rito, in the northern part 
of New Mexico, took advantage of the Adobe Construction Program 
put on by Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) a few years ago
 and had the class build a small adobe dome building on their property
 for the price of supplying the foundation and the adobe bricks.
 Such a deal.

The top photo shows the dome from a photo
 taken in August and above was taken in 2007.

It is up to the owner to finish the building out.
 Bill has slowly worked on theirs in his spare time 
from his contracting business.

Bill added the stucco cap on the top. 
It is important to protect the top from moisture damage.

And again a shot from August after Bill built the window frames 
and finished the brown coat (2nd coat) of stucco.

I profiled some of Bill's adobe work on August 29th

If you are interested in learning adobe construction 
please check out the links above.
NNMC has a great course.

And this is the critical part of the dome.

The trick in building a dome is the layout 
and keeping your bricks evenly spaced. 
A layout rod is used, but it helps to take the class.