Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shel Neymark's Tile Murals

Back in May we went to the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens
 which I have shown bits of in previous posts. 
One of the things I was most interested in seeing was some of the work
 of Shel Neymark whose work we had become acquainted with 
while living in Santa Fe.

 Shel and his wife live just a few miles down stream from Rob Stout
 ( check the previous post ) in Embudo, New Mexico along the banks of the Rio Grande.

Shel does architectural ceramics and glasswork
 and had done this beautiful installation at the botanical gardens.

This detail is a common view in northern New Mexico, 
especially in the Embudo area. 

One of the great things about living in New Mexico is the abundance 
of builders, crafts people, and artists, many of whom are doing great work.

Cholla cactus and squash.
 A great way to see more of Shel's work is the Dixon Studio Tour,
 which includes Embudo, in early November.
In my mind this is by far the best of many great studio tours
in northern New Mexico.

Another cholla.
If you like cactus check out my post from May 30th on Cactus.
 It has some shots of cholla cactus as well as the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens.