Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Path To A Hot Spring Pool

We were work camping at El Dorado Hot Springs back in March
 and I was given the fun project of building a new path
to a brand new hot tub they had just opened up.

This is a before photo of the project area looking away from the new tub.
The problem was not only was there no path to the tub
 but what was there turned into a lake whenever it rained
 and it does rain in the desert.

Looking the other way towards the new area
where I have just started working on a path.
 I had put up much of the bamboo fence in the background last year.
 For more on fences see my post on Fences from April 2, 2010.

The same view after the path and new pond are added.
Allison and I built the bamboo fence in the foreground
 to keep people from wandering into the pond.

I dug out drainage ditches on each side of the path and placed the dirt
on the path to build it up to help keep the water off to the sides.
 After the dirt was tamped down I added gravel.
Next year I hope to add landscaping along the sides of the path.

This being a hot springs with plenty of excess water
I decided to add a pond for visual interest.
It is a lot of fun to build a pond and not have to worry about pond liners.
 Just dig a hole next to one of the many drainage ditches.

I scoured the property for rocks and plants.
The plant palette includes aloe vera, cactus, papyrus ( in the water )
 and not shown are water lilies, all found on the property.

And lastly I put a bed of cactus, succulents, and agave
 out towards the front to keep people on, and cars off, the path.