Friday, June 25, 2010

The Attached Solar Greenhouse

I have recently been covering the house 
that Rob Stout has designed and built.

 The complete set of posts are:
 An Active Solar System,
Woodworking By Rob Stout,
and his work was included in Door Handles And Latches.

Now I want to show the two very nice attached greenhouses,
 one on either side of the front door.

This photo shows the two in relationship to each other.
The glazing is a four walled polycarbonate sheeting 7/8" thick.
It will bend to the curve without any special bending technique. 
Also make note of the vent windows at the bottom.

The inside of the greenhouse is an inviting, warm,
 and green space at any time of the year. 
When these photos were taken on June 12th Rob
 and his wife Judy had been harvesting tomatoes
 through the winter and there were green figs 
on one tree and much more.

The house side of the greenhouse creates a nice space also.
 This side makes for a work space and what a view in the winter.
Both the door and windows can be opened or closed at the occupants discretion.

The other side is a nice place for plants.
 Before the greenhouse was added the windows
 here alone provided excellent passive solar heating.
 The low winter sun would shine in on the masonry floor
 and wall heating them up during the day so they could release
 that heat at night. This is an exceptional and efficient solar home.