Saturday, June 5, 2010

Doorway Thresholds

Having worked on two old owner built adobe homes
 in the last two decades we are often times confronted 
with adding doors or upgrading existing ones.

And with the new doorways comes the opportunity
 to do something fun with the thresholds.
 The one above is covered with 3/4" Indiana limestone
with a walnut nosing.
 Hopefully the change in the flooring will alert people
 to the small step between rooms. 
In old homes it seems common to have a change in the floor elevations
 as new rooms were added over time.

 Often times in these old adobes the masonry foundation 
comes up high enough to make it easy to use tile.
 These 2"x2" tiles were made from leftover scraps
 from 13"x13" tiles used in the kitchen and bathroom. 
The nosing is cut from a 16"x16" porcelain tile. 
Again the threshold makes a nice visual link
 between the two floor levels. 

I used left over maple flooring with strips of cherry
 to grab ones attention here.
 This threshold is removable to access wiring underneath.