Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shipping Container Buildings

When we were in Santa Fe, New Mexico yesterday we happened
 to notice this building made from shipping containers in the Baca St.
 end of the rail yards project. 

Looking at the east side it is a bit early in the process
to really know what this will be when finished
but we get a good view of how it is being put together.

This gives a good look of how the electrical and plumbing is handled.
I think the particle board is covering a window.

The south side. The foundation seems to be concrete piers
 placed under the corners of the containers.
 There may be more piers that I couldn't see.

This opening may be for an elevator.
 And more plumbing.

The west side. The word in the neighborhood is that the owner
 of this has had trouble with the Santa Fe building and permitting
 department either because the owner doesn't know how to do this
 or the city is having problems applying their guidelines.
 Either way, even though there is nothing new
 about using shipping containers,
the nuts and bolts of this still have to filter down
in the building community.

The north side. What caught my eye was the use of the metal studs
 over the containers for a chase to run utilities and I guess for insulation.
 I have become increasingly interested in metal buildings over the years.
And what about having a home made of one or more shipping containers
and designing it so it can be shipped when we want to move?

To see this building in a more finished state go to my later post:
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