Saturday, May 29, 2010

Container Gardening

We just went to the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens ( above ) 
and being the time of year I started thinking about container gardening.

If you have also been thinking of the same
and have yet to act here are some ideas.

The nice thing about containers is that they save water,
 they make it easier to get your soil just right,
 and you can move them around.

But maybe you want to grow vegetables. 
Our friend Susie starts with a winter cover crop of annual rye.
 This photo was taken in early March.

Then in the spring she turns it over and lets it sit for a couple of weeks
 maybe even covering it with some plastic to make sure all of the rye is dead.

Put in some broccoli, mulch and wait. Don't forget the water.

Or maybe you would like chard.

If you would like to mix edibles with ornamentals
 lets go back to early March. These pots have a collard plant, 
volunteer larkspur, chives and cilantro, among other things.

By late May the larkspur is blooming, pansies and other flowers
 are added, and basil replaces the cilantro.