Friday, April 2, 2010


We have been missing in action lately, at least from blogging,
 as we travel around Arizona trying to stay warm, 
and dodging the wind, and looking for internet.
 Above is a bamboo fence that Allison and I made
 work camping at El Dorado Hot Springs.

 We drove metal posts in the ground and wrapped them with bamboo
 and then tied on the rails and pickets with galvanized metal wire.

This fence on a wall was one we made at our old house in Santa Fe.
The metal cap protects the fence and makes for a nice look, I think.
It also protects anything you hang on the fence.

This is also at our old house. I mounded dirt around the posts
 and under the fence boards to keep water away from the wood.
 Under the fence boards I also put small stones and rocks 
to keep the fence boards up higher
 and so water wouldn't be absorbed into the bottom end grain.
 You can't really see the stones in this photo
 but they also add a decorative feature.

Gila Hot Springs Ranch in the Gila Mountains of southwestern New Mexico.

A nice use for brush that otherwise has limited value.

Not really a fence. You may notice that you have seen
 some of these photos in previous posts.

Oceanside, Oregon

A living ocotillo fence at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.
 The next three photos are from there.

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