Monday, March 22, 2010

Finished Cement and Tile

We are still on the road in Arizona and finding limited
 access to the internet, more guns than internet here,
 but I wanted to continue on the use of cement 
or concrete as a finish material, this time in cabinetry
in Mexico.

The previous posts on this subject
were 2/28/10 and 2/26/10.

This laundry sink and the following kitchen were featured
 in the post on the Fixer Upper in Alamos from 2/15/10.
This was formed in place with the scrub board to the left
which drains into the sink on the right side.
 You see these all over Mexico.
 They can also be used as a drain board for dishes.

Concrete is used for cabinetry because of termites and the lack of lumber.
Termites routinely attack furniture as well.

Just add tile for an even smoother finish.

This bath sink cabinet is at Rancho Acosta also in Alamos, Sonora.