Saturday, April 3, 2010

Concrete Walls For A Concrete Bridge

As soon as the piers in this row ( please refer to the previous blog )
 were finished a crew started right to work
 on what I suppose would be called the footer.
 You can see the rebar from the piers sticking up from the water.

The rebar cage is formed.

And before it is even finished the form is started.

The concrete is poured up to the top of the wooden forms
 before the next section is started.

The forms are pulled off and the wall is ready to be started.

More rebar, more forms. It was truly a beautiful thing.

This section has been poured 
and a narrow leveling strip on the top is readied.

This is a completed section.
 Unfortunately at this point we were leaving San Carlos
 so I wasn't able to see the rest of the work.
I was very disappointed not to see this to the end.