Friday, April 2, 2010

Worm Composting

My posting for March 7 was The Urban Food Producing Winter Garden
 about our friends Susie and Ray and their green thumbs. 
 Now I want to show you their worm composting set up.

Above is the worm bin in its winter mode. 
The straw and scrap of rigid insulation helps keep the bin warmer
 in the winter, remember this is early March. 

Susie opens the cover to check on the worms.
 The black plastic bags are filled with leaves to feed the worms.
They are set next to the bin for winter insulation. 
The scrap newspaper is extra insulation for cold weather
 and becomes food later on.

The cover is garden fabric and helps the bin breath in the summer.
The newspaper is pulled off to check on the worms. 
The bottom of the bin is screen to keep worms in 
and allow extra moisture out.
 The worms must have moisture ( not wet ) in the summer.
 The bin is made of scrap wood.

Now aren't they cute? After a long cold winter they look marvelous.
These are red wrigglers.

And not only that the castings are great compost for the garden.

The buckets are full of raw compost from the kitchen waiting 
for the worms to work up an appetite as the weather warms.
 Friends donate paper both for the winter cover and food.

The tiki bar built by Ray from scrap materials serves as a work place.

And provides privacy for the worms and a nice view from the street.