Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snake Motifs in Design

We walked by this rattlesnake wall in San Carlos, Sonora
 many times this past winter.

It had a very fierce look to it.

And any confusion about this being a rattlesnake
 was quickly dispelled by the time we saw
 the very unique seashell rattles on the tail.
 The head is way back on the far left of the photo.

Back in May we went to the Albuquerque Botanical Garden 
and came across another snake in the desert display
 in the greenhouse.

By the time we got to the tail we knew we were safe 
as there were no rattles.
Hats off to the creators of  these design motifs.


  1. Nice images Ches and I like your new simple blog design as well. I haven't yet had time to see what Blogger will allow me to do with mine but yours is an inspiration. Hope you and Ali are well.

  2. Thanks Joanna, It was sort of by accident. I was playing around with the new templets and oops I hit the wrong button. But I do think it was time.