Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wood Fired Ovens In Baja California Sur

Here are some more examples of wood fired ovens, or hornos,
 that we found while traveling in Baja California Sur.

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in San Ignacio.

This horno is used for bread primarily 
and what I find is interesting is the smaller chamber to the right.

The hole for smoke is in this smaller chamber and apparently when the horno is hot, 
and ready for the food, the ashes are pushed over into the smaller chamber.

The horno opens up to this nice outdoor cooking area,
which is used for special occasions and events.

Further south along the Bay of Conception we ran across this vaulted oven.

A small door at one end is maybe for the fire...

...while at the other end is this larger door, 
maybe to put in or take out the food.

Unfortunately, there was nobody around the day we were there
 that knew how the oven was used.

Looking inside we can see it was made from fired brick...

...and the black from the fire is at the end where the small door is.

We found this odd fireplace at El Palomar Restaurant, Motel, and Balneario 
in Santo Tomas, Baja California.

It had about four openings around it 
and seemed to be used primarily for space heating as compared to cooking.

I suppose it could be converted to an horno with doors over the openings.

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