Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Onyx Steps In Catavina, Baja California

In the long lonely drive south from El Rosario, Baja California 
to Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur lies a magical land around the town of Catavi├▒a
populated by boulders and cactus.

Out just past the edge of town is the Rancho Santa Inez,
a ranch, restaurant, campground and rv park...

...and just to the right of the ranch house in between two boojum trees,
 and next to a cardon cactus, is a stone stairway made from onyx.

The onyx makes for a striking set of steps.

It most likely comes from the nearby, 
and now abandoned, quarry and town of El Marmol.

If you view the treads in just the right angle to the sun
 you can see the light coming through the stone.

And as you look around you will see the most incredible desert.