Monday, April 30, 2012

Bamboo Mat Shed With A Palm Thatch Roof In Mulege, B.C.S.

I ended the last post, which was on small homes in Mulege, Baja California Sur,
with the above photo and now let's see how to build the shed.

Manuel, who is the owner of Huerta Don Chano RV Park and Campground,
starts with a concrete slab.

As Manuel screeds the concrete his brother in law, Alejandro, mixes.

In mainland Mexico almost all concrete is mixed on the ground with a shovel,
but in Baja a mixer is much more common, 
probably owing to the proximity to the United States, 
and the amount of gringos coming down loaded with tools and materials.

The sand and gravel comes from an adjacent arroyo
 and with so much volcanic activity in forming Baja both are basaltic in origin.

Cement is expensive here but extensively used none the less.

With the slab poured and the 2 x 4 walls and roof framed
 the roof is put on with the locally abundant palm branches.

The roof is trimmed and the bamboo mats are put over the walls.

This will be used as a guest room by one of the folks here 
who spend the winter in a small 5th wheel.

Manuel even makes the windows, above.

The mats are made by relatives in the small village of La Purisma,
a couple of hours away on dirt road.

I would love to see how the bamboo is split along it's length
 to make it flatten out before it is woven into mats.

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