Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stephen Kilborn's Solar Heated Adobe Pottery Studio In Pilar, N.M.

One of our favorite stops in northern New Mexico,
 right along the Rio Grande River, 
is the Stephen Kilborn Pottery Studio in Pilar.

And a good portion of the heat for this adobe building comes from these south facing windows
 which are appropriately shaded by the overhang on this close to summer day.

Inside there is a showroom and packing area
 that is bright, airy, and comfortable.

The back half is more of a work area
 and is also bright and airy and warm in the winter.

Out back under an open metal roof are the kilns...

...and as luck would have it Stephen was firing the day I was there.

Stephen is also a painter.

The above painting hangs in the home of his neighbor across the road,
Arthur Gledhill, who I profiled in the post An Artists Home last year.

More paintings on the shelf over the pottery.

The paintings are in a similar style 
as the glazing he uses on his pottery.

If you are ever in the area stop in, 
you won't be disappointed.