Monday, June 6, 2011

Flagstone Cap For A Concrete Pool

My previous post on this pool was A Concrete And Tile Pool 
and Ken and his friend (also) Ken had set the blocks for the sides.

Please refer to the first post to follow along.

Above Ken is cutting the ends of the flagstone to set around the top of the pool
with a diamond blade on his circular saw.

He had previously cut the flagstone to width using a hammer and chisel,
 and the long piece of angle iron that you can see buried in the sand
 as a fulcrum to make the break on.

Using the chisel and angle iron takes a practiced and steady hand.

The angle iron leaves a natural break along the edge of the flagstone 
instead of the smooth edge left by a saw cut.

As the last of the block cores are being filled... 

...Ken lays out the cap.

He is using a standard mortar mix to set the stone 
and for the grout joint between the stones.

The flagstone creates a good stop for the tile when it is set,
and the anchor bolts on the side are to attach the wooden deck to.

The spillway for the water overflow is supported while the mortar is setting.

The seats for the tub have been added with cement block and concrete.

Next will be building the deck and setting the tile.

I hope to have more on that.