Friday, June 17, 2011

Murals On The Pilar Yacht Club

While we have been along the Rio Grande River recently,
and looking at the arts and crafts it might be a good time 
to check out the beautiful murals on the Pilar Yacht Club 
in downtown Pilar, New Mexico.

Pilar is located along the river just as it flows out of the Rio Grande Gorge
on state road 68 between Espanola and Taos.

The yacht club is in the above photo near the bottom, just left of center.

Although there are not really any yachts,
 this is a staging area for river rafters and kayakers.

And the murals really set this place apart.

The use of painted murals for advertising seems to be quite common in Mexico,
but is not seen nearly often enough in this country. 

I am not sure who the artist is but I love the art.

If you are lost here is the map of the area.

All of the animals depicted are local to this area.

I can't leave without showing art from another era
 and that is this old neon sign that advertised another stop from another time.

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