Monday, November 15, 2010

Stone Walls In Winchester, Virginia

For my last post on stonework in Winchester, Virginia
 I want to concentrate on walls.

I am not sure, but I think mortar was used in many of the walls you see here.
If you look carefully at the first photo you may detect mortar
 squeezing through the stones.

The brick like way the stones are placed on the corner above 
show a strong, well built wall.

Above is the same wall from a different angle

This older wall shows some signs of loosening up.
The top course is a more traditional style
of laying the top stones on edge instead of flat.

This is another shot of the same wall as above.
All of these walls are of limestone.

A third shot of the same wall.

These last two gates are at Glen Burnie.
For more see my post Glen Burnie Gardens from February 16th.

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