Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainbow Gathering Kitchen

In the summer of 2009th the annual Rainbow Gathering was held
 in a remote area of the Jemez mountains in northern New Mexico.

Above, racks of baked goods are ready for brunch.

And for a few weeks you had an unconventional home
 for a few thousand people.

Now how cool are these ovens?

I don't really cover cooking in this blog but I do cover kitchens.
Above the happy baker is preparing the next batch.

And this fine fellow is getting the oven ready.

Let's check that temperature.

It is amazing what you can do with mud and some 55 gallon drums.

Almost ready.

Now lets check the stove top.

Cooking is all about vibes.

If you need to cook for a few thousand people in the middle of nowhere
 the Rainbow Family can show you how.

And when you are finished please wash your dishes.
They use lots of bleach for washing at the gathering.

And please RECYCLE.