Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Ruins Of Paquime

In the northwestern part of the Mexican state of Chihuahua
 is the Pre-Columbian ruins of Paquime.

It is near the present day town of Cases Grandes 
which is near the larger town of Nuevo Cases Grandes.

Being only a couple hours drive south of the present day border 
we can be assured that there was much trade with Native Americans 
who lived in the American southwest and beyond.

It is quite a large site located in the fertile valley of the Rio Cases Grandes.

It boasted a complex water and sewage system. 

Copper bells and ornaments, pottery, and beads made from marine mollusks 
were made here and traded.

Parts of the one story adobe buildings seem to have been rebuilt, 
stabilized or some appear to be left alone and dissolving into the earth.

The doors have a unique style that jut in at the very bottom.

The T shaped door can be found in ruins
 all over the southwestern desert area.

I like the inset around the window and the round holes
 may have been vigas or roof beams.

Any ideas what the stone lined holes are?

According to Craig Childs these are macaw pens missing their roofs.

I wrote a post on the Pre-Columbian stone ruins 
of Besh-Bo-Gawah in present day Globe, Arizona on April 20th.
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