Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stone Steps

When I posted the blog on Trail Work ( February 25th )
 on adding stone steps to a steep trail I wanted to add a post on stone steps.
 Above are steps in the Glen Burnie Gardens ( which I blogged on
February 16th ) and you may have seen many times in these posts.

Terwilliger ( Couger ) Hot Springs, Oregon

These are steps I built at Valley View Hot Springs many years ago.
 You may have figured out by now that we love hot springs. 

As I stated in the post on Trail Work, the rise 
and run of the steps must be consistent and level. 
The steps must be safe and easy to use.

This kind of stone work can be very difficult and hard work.
 It is not for everyone to attempt.

The previous steps shown were put down without mortar.
 Above and below are done with mortar and are from 
the Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz in Uruapan, Michoacan.