Monday, February 15, 2010

Fixer Upper in Alamos

     We have been in Alamos, Sonora for almost a month and last week we met some folks in the campground who had friends who had fixed up a run down house here. Naturally we were interested and they introduced us and we were invited over to see their work. Pat and Steve live part of the year in Abiquiu, New Mexico and and the rest of the time here.

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Our first view of the house as we walk up. The house is on a steep hill
and they have terraced it off creating lots of space on different levels.

The arch over the gate was made from a dead mesquite tree.

This is what they started with.

The same view some years later. Wow

     The 140 sq. ft. of the inside includes the kitchen, a sitting area, and a loft for sleeping.
 This does not include the palapa, the outside sitting area, or the bath.

Looking towards the bath area. The gravel drains run off from the roof
 keeping water from pooling on the bricks.

This is looking into the bath. The checker board tiles are the shower.

The concrete wash stand.

The section on the left is for scrubbing clothes or a great place
 to drain and dry dishes. On the right is the sink. You see these all over Mexico.
 I have to have one of these.

Tile mosaic next to the grill. Most of the work here has been done by their builder, Martin.
 He is a very creative and inventive person and the collaboration has been fruitful.

The steps lead to the palapa, yet another sitting area.

The palapa at night. It stays cooler up here with the extra breeze.

This is a beautifully tied palm frond roof that should last for many years.