Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finished Cement, Doorways & Windows

As we prepare to leave Mexico I wanted to show more of
 their mastery at cement ( or concrete ) as a finish material.
 I may have to take a short brake from blogging as we will be on the road.
 Above and below were taken in San Carlos, Sonora.

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I believe they attach strips of wood to the wall as forms to create this detail.

This is also San Carlos, Sonora

  I am always on the lookout to see this kind of work being done.
Any ideas how?  

One of the most incredible cemeteries is in Alamos, Sonora.
Above and below, I am guessing, is some kind of cement stucco over brick.

I have no idea how old this would be but the detail is amazing.

I am only assuming this is done in cement.
Alamos, Sonora 

Detail of a garage door trim in San Carlos.