Monday, November 22, 2010

Windows And Doors At Ranchos De Taos Plaza

Since this is my third post on the Ranchos de Taos Plaza
 you can see how much we enjoyed our visit there.

These first photos show the commercial side of life.
I find the use of shutters to be of particular interest.

They provide good security as well as help to weatherize from the cold.

And then there is the residential.

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And the most important part of life on the plaza is the religious.

For such a seemingly simple building with such clean lines and curves,
 the door is amazingly intricate.


  1. The building is such a wonder, especially the doors. What if you got those doors on your house? You'll be the star of the street!

  2. The Plaza has such unique aesthetics that could attract any on-looker. The establishments, from the residential, religious to the commercial, use very lovely designs from the windows to individual colors.