Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adobe Domes At The Northern New Mexico College Adobe Program

Some time ago I did the post-
profiling the dome, above, built in El Rito, New Mexico

Since the last post was on adobe hornos
 I thought by extension it would be nice to take a look at domes.

These domes were built in the Adobe Program's spacious shop area
 for instructional purposes.

And of course they are not subject to the elements,
which is the weakness of adobe domes in this area.

They can be covered by a cement stucco
but great care must be provided as cement can allow moisture through,
and of course there is no roof overhang to deflect rain from the walls.

Looking from the inside, layout is very important 
and a consistant dome shape is achieved using a layout stick 
radiating from a central point.

Allison and I took a workshop on dome building a couple of years ago 
taught by Anselmo Jaramillo, an instructor in the Adobe Program,
and learned some of the basics of the layout- it was fascinating.

Domes are certainly an elevation of the art of working with adobe in this country
 and the Adobe Program at the Northern New Mexico College 
has done a lot to spread that art.

To see another take on masonry domes see the post-

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