Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tile Art In Silver City, N.M.

As careful readers of this blog may have noted,
 I have posted on tile mosaic, murals, and manufacturers in Silver City, New Mexico,
 as well as the artists who practice such work.

For such a small town there is a lot of ceramic art.

Above, is a small work that we noticed 
walking around a residential area in the historic part of town.

Although it is small and at the bottom of a wall
it jumped out at us.

In this post let's look at a few of the pieces of work 
seen on the streets.

Above is on the same wall as the first photo.

And a few blocks away is this tile and painted mural.

On Bullard St., which is basically main street,
 is this mural, with tile highlights, that was designed and made by kids.

Much of the tile in this post is from Syzygy Tileworks,
a tile manufacturer in Silver City which I highlighted in the posts:

The kids who worked on this mural,
 worked with Syzygy to design and make the tiles in the mural.

Nice work kids.

These next two pieces...

...are also from Syzygy.

And finally these tile make a nice accent for these steps downtown.

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