Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Ideas For Gates

We have run across some pretty nice gates in the last few months,
 so let's do an update.

This very striking gate above lives in Hillsboro, New Mexico,
which seems to have an abundance of interesting gates.

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Building In Hillsboro And Kingston New Mexico

The gate above is at the Dome Gallery At the Bear Mountain Lodge
 in Silver City, New Mexico ...

...and the ceramic is by Cecilia Stanford...

whose work I profiled in the following posts:

This gate jumped out at us driving through Santa Fe, N.M.

If I remember correctly it was painted on a cheap luan door.

The gate above is at Stone Forest in Santa Fe which I covered in the post:

We ran across this gate in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
at the Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa (above).

Also in T. or C. is this very imaginative gate and wall.

T. or C. is full of very cool building elements and art.

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Along The Rio Grande
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