Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Cemetery At Kingston, New Mexico

One of our favorite places is the area around the towns of Kingston and Hillsboro
along the western slope of the Black Range Mountains
 in southernwestern New Mexico, 
and this fall as we were motoring through the area
 we stopped at the Kingston Cemetery.

I have always enjoyed old and unusual cemeteries
 and this one takes the cake.

These first three photos show some beautiful cut stone,
 setting off this plot...

...of someone prominent, no doubt.

Hy Pockets has a testament like no other, to a life died young .

He will be remembered.

The fence may disappear, the markers will be gone,
but the trees will remember.

For a little background go to:
Kingston: Then And Now.

This metal work is very ornate...

...while this is more simple...

...and this is just right.

The memories will fade from a once thriving mining town
to the wildness of the mountains that engulf this tiny cemetery.

From comments let me add this link:
thanks to Craig Springer.

To see more of this fascinating area go to LABELS on the right sidebar
and click on Building In Hillsboro And Kingston New Mexico.

After the fact, I found an article in Desert Exposure,
an excellent monthly paper in southwestern New Mexico 
on the cemetery: History In Headstones.