Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stonework At Lake Leatherwood City Park In Eureka Springs, Ark.

Lake Leatherwood City Park is a beautiful spot on the edge of town
and because they offer camping
 we always stay there whenever we are in the area.

The arched bridge above is along the road in to the park
but unfortunately it cannot be easily seen from the road.

For more on arches see the post Stone Arches.

Lake Leatherwood was built by the CCC 
when the dam holding the lake was built as well as the park.

All of the stone was quarried on site.

The CCC was typically a training program for unskilled young men
 back in the 1930's...

...which meant the work is a bit uneven...

...but it still has charm,
 having been used and enjoyed for close to eighty years.

This walk shows the high end of the craft.

You may remember the diving board from the previous post.

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