Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stone Buildings In Eureka Springs, Ark.

I thought I would follow up with more stone buildings in Eureka Springs.

The town is built on a hillside comprised of limestone bedrock 
so there is lots of stone and much of it is nicely cut block style.

Interestingly, I don't see much random ruble walls.

This is a very tall freestanding stone wall
 and I would assume there is a steel structure behind the wall.

If so, is it still freestanding if the wall is self supporting
 and the steel holds up the rest? Hmmm.

It would be interesting to know how this is engineered.

The other side.

The stone lintel between the stone and brick is a nice touch.

The stone columns accent the brick infill nicely.

It is hard to imagine that we would see this kind of work today.

Check out how straight the corner line above is.

I am not sure what kind of stone is used above 
but the color has a bit more brown to it. 

And for a completely different style and stone 
we have this small cottage from a bit more modern time frame.

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