Thursday, December 16, 2010

Domes In Mexico

One of the things that interests me the most
 about building in Mexico is the domes.

Above is a beautifully tiled dome in San Carlos, Sonora.

I always have my eyes open for a dome being built,
 as I really want to know how it is done.

These two interior shots are also in San Carlos. 

The one above was most likely built without a form.
I am not sure about the second photo.

The key is keeping the layout consistent and symmetrical.
Often a layout stick is used to keep the dome round and spherical.


These two domes above are in Guanajuato, Guanajuato 
and were right below our campground space,
 so we got to look at them a lot.

Typically a coat of cement is troweled over the top
and then painted with a roof paint.

We found the beautiful domes above in Alamos, Sonora.

San Carlos, Sonora.

I have always loved this home in Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit.
The intersecting roofs and color make it stand out.

These domes are in Mazatlan, Sinoloa.

Clich here to see my post from October 23rd, An Adobe Dome Building, 
which has links to Northern New Mexico College's Adobe Construction Program. 
They have a class on dome building.