Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bamboo Water Features

When we were in Taos, New Mexico this past summer 
we stopped by the Wired Coffee Shop a couple of times
 and admired their gardens around the patio 
which had some nice water features.

In the photo above a slow stream of water fills the bamboo 
and when enough water drips in the extra weight
 will tip the bamboo allowing the water to flow out and down. 

The photos above and below show the same idea only the water
 is flowing much faster so the sequence goes quicker.

The good thing about these is how one can get a nice effect
 without taking a lot of space or using a lot of water.

The above feature has water coming out of the spout
 as well as the rock on the right.

And finally there is this faux stream bed
 with the water coming out of a bamboo spout.

This is a good time to plan out a water feature for next year.
 Hope you get some good ideas from these.