Monday, November 26, 2012

Looking Back At Murals In Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico

I would like to expand a bit the definition
 of alternative building to include murals.

(I want to continue looking back at some of my posts 
from a couple of years ago that may have been missed
 by the weekly readers of this blog,
and this post comes from December 13, 2010.)

The first three photos show the White Coyote Cafe.

The quirky little town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico has a lot of artists 
and it is great to see that some of them are staying busy painting on buildings...

...and a community that shows a lot of public art 
also shows a lot of pride.

These next two photos are on what I think 
is the old high school and now houses city offices.

They are beautifully done
 and every time I go by them I look up in amazement.

These next two are behind a storefront on the main drag 
and you only see them from the alley.

Not everybody would decorate the rear of their store this nice.

Lastly we have a hot springs,
 which of course is what T. or C. is all about.

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