Monday, October 29, 2012

Ruins Of San Juan Parangaricutira Church Revisited

A couple of years ago as we traveled through the Mexican state of Michoacan
 we were advised by fellow travelers to visit the Paricutin Volcano
I am glad we did.

(Please note this is a post I originally did 12/30/10 
and I want to highlight some of my older posts that I did in the first year or so of this blog 
that may have been overlooked by current readers, hope you enjoy it.)

Our visit started a few miles away where we had to park, 
near where the store pictured above was located and start walking.

The volcano which was formed in a cornfield on February 20, 1943 
can be seen in the upper left hand corner of the photo above.

Barely visible in the center far right is the San Juan Parangaricutura Church.

Stretching from the volcano to the church is the ridge of a lava flow.

For more information on the volcano visit Facts About Paricutin.

As we headed down the trail the church became more visible
with the lava flows now visible behind the church.

As the trail met the lava flow there was the steeple.

And then there was the church.

As one climbs up onto the lava flow the trail becomes quite rough
 and treacherous from the very sharp lava.

Getting even closer we could see the alter through the window.

The stone work and detail was still exquisite 
even after being mostly buried by the lava.

Amazingly we could walk or climb anywhere without restriction.

Again the alter came into view.

 This church which was seemingly destroyed by a cataclysmic event...

...was still very much alive.

Buildings have lives too,
 and we should be reluctant to give them up for dead.