Friday, December 23, 2011

Water Features At Stone Forest In Santa Fe, N.M.

We stopped by Stone Forest back in early September
 and got some photos from their beautiful display gardens 
as well as inside their showroom.

One thing that I really wanted to see was the water feature 
that I had installed for Stone Forest back in the 1990's.

This was designed by, and the stone selected by, Thomas Lipps,
 who is now director of the Stone Foundation and editor of Stonexus Magazine.

We used a pond liner for this project
 laid over multiple layers of used carpet.

Platforms were created in the excavation for the stone 
and after the liner was put down we used a crane to move the large stone,
with extra liner scraps used under the stones to protect the liner.

Underground cisterns that collect rainwater from the roof 
provide water for the pond when available.

At the high end Thomas created a waterfall 
with the recirculated water from the low end.

He split the stone with wedges along a seam
and created a channel for the water
 before putting the pieces back together.

On the back side you can see the return pipe 
that recirculates the water to the waterfall.

Above is a granite water basin that Stone Forest designs and sells.

The carving is expertly done by skilled workers at a quarry in China.

Another style.

And in the showroom, this time a black granite.

If you are in the Santa Fe area I highly recommend a visit 
to see their beautiful displays.