Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Artist's Home

We have been camping near the tiny town of Pilar, 
about 20 miles south of Taos, in northern New Mexico recently.

Pilar is right on the Rio Grande River 
at the point that it leaves the Rio Grande Gorge.

Last weekend they had their annual artists studio tour
 and one of the highlights was the home and studio
 of Arthur Gledhill and his wife, Diane.
Arthur is pictured above at the door, on the right.

As you walk in the front door you are greeted
 by a display area with lots of pleasing color;
 not to mention Arthur's beautiful sculpture and paintings.

We love studio tours because of the chance to see the homes and studios
 that artist's live in, as well as to see some beautiful artwork.
 In this case the home and artist merge into one beautiful space.


Arthur graciously opened his whole house to visitors, 
and the living area was just as nice.

Above is a painting by his neighbor,
 the potter and painter Stephen Kilborn.

Two separate sun rooms help heat the house in the winter 
and provide growing space for plants.

Around the house are numerous outdoor sculptures.

Thanks Arthur.
 And keep up the good work.